International Prison News Digest Issue 47

12 Nov 2018

ICPR has produced the forty seventh issue of the International Prison News Digest, a selection of news items from around the world on prison and the use of imprisonment. The Digest is produced bi-monthly and this issue covers the period from 1 September to 31 October 2018.

We aim in the Digest to cover all regions of the world and include new developments in policy and practice, as well as information from official and intergovernmental bodies. News items are grouped regionally.

By clicking on the hyperlinks, you can access the news articles in their original form.

Content is sourced solely from English language news stories. Readers wishing to notify us of important news items in other languages are welcome to send us articles with a short summary of key content and we will consider them for inclusion in the next edition.

Please note that ICPR is not responsible for the accuracy of external content.

The forty seventh issue of the Digest can be found here

Information on global prison systems can be found on World Prison Brief