Highest to Lowest - Prison Population Rate

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Please use drop down menu 1 to choose the category of data you wish to view, and press 'Go' to load category page. Once the page has reloaded please choose the continent/region from drop down menu 2 and then press 'Apply'.

Data shown in the highest to lowest lists are the most recent available but not necessarily from the same date. Please click on each individual country to see the date to which the data refer. As it is not possible to obtain meaningful comparative data on numbers of children in custody in different countries, we do not include juvenile imprisonment data in the highest to lowest lists.

Ranking Title Prison Population Rate
  Kuwait 101
  Lebanon 141
  Jordan 185
  Israel 217
  Qatar 69
  Iraq 179
  Yemen 35
  Saudi Arabia 207
  Bahrain 234
  Oman 46
  United Arab Emirates 104
  Syria 60