Federal Republic of Somalia

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CountryFederal Republic of Somalia
Ministry responsible
Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs
Prison administration
Prison and rehabilitation centers
Contact address
Prisons Headquarters, Mogadishu, Somalia
Head of prison administration (and title)
Brigadier General Mahad Abdirahman Adan
Commissioner of Somali Custodial and Correctional Corps
Prison population total (including pre-trial detainees / remand prisoners)
* At least 3,700 and perhaps many more. There are an estimated 1,200 in the central prison in Mogadishu (United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime); in 2011 approximately 2,000 were held in Somaliland and 500 in one of the prisons of Puntland. In addition "observers estimated that thousands were incarcerated" by Al-Shabaab in the regions under its control (U.S. State Department human rights report).
Number of establishments / institutions
* Prisons include those located in Hargeisa and Mandera, Somaliland, in Bosasso, Galkayo and Garowe, Puntland and in the Somali capital Mogadishu.