Guinea Bissau

CountryGuinea Bissau
Ministry responsible
Ministère de la Justice
Prison administration
Service Judiciaire et Pénitentiaire
Contact address
Caixa Postal 17, Bissau, Guinea Bissau
+245 21 26 20
+245 20 21 85
Head of prison administration (and title)
Mendes Junior Paulo
Directeur de l'Administration Pénitentiaire
Prison population total (including pre-trial detainees / remand prisoners)
At 31.12.2013 there were 92 prisoners in the two prisons and an unknown number in the pre-trial detention centre in Bissau (U.S. State Department human rights report).
Pre-trial detainees / remand prisoners (percentage of prison population)
(2013 - according to the U.S. State Department human rights report the vast majority of the prison population consisted of detainees awaiting the conclusion of their trials)
Female prisoners (percentage of prison population)
(of the prisoners in the two prisons, 31.12.2013)
Number of establishments / institutions
(2013 - prisons at Bafata and Mansoa, pre-trial detention centre at Bissau)
Official capacity of prison system
(31.12.2013 - official capacity of the two prisons)
Occupancy level (based on official capacity)
(31.12.2013 - occupancy level in the two prisons)